"Joy is an incredible healer. After a minor car accident revealed a tumor in the CT scan work up, I was very concerned. One call to Joy and she knew the perfect question. We worked on it, were able to transmute the tumor and worked on the events that caused it.  My willingness to look at it and change the situation teamed with her skill and knowledge to create the perfect healing.  The middle of Sept the MRI done at Beth Israel Hospital revealed there was not a tumor present.  The neurosurgeon was shocked.  I was elated. Thank you, Joy."
-Laura C. 

"WOW...I'm amazed at how quickly your sessions work.  One session with you and my lower back pain is gone.  My back has been pain free for a week now.  In the past, I've tried massage but I received little to no relieve.  Thanks again for the amazing work you do!" 
​-Eva T. 

 "From the moment you meet Joy, you will be comfortable with her. You will quickly learn that she is an expert in her field. If you're looking to gain insights into future possibilities, change how your relationships are going or learn about your spiritual possibilities, Joy is the professional that can make it happen! You will be blown away by what she can teach you".

"I met Joy over 10 years ago when I was struggling with 2 very difficult family relationships. After just ONE session, our first together, I was literally shocked at the amazing impact she had on me. Years of therapy never had the impact that one session with Joy did. It was a definite turning point and happily, my relationships immediately improved. And so did I. From that point on, I continually turn to Joy as needed to handle my difficulties or simply seek her wisdom and guidance. Joy never lets me down, she always nails it for me. I am truly blessed, and am a better person for, having found Joy and will keep her in my toolkit to handle life! its one of my most powerful tools !"
-Dawn C. 

"I met Joy in 2008. The very first session we had began to clear up some of my issues. My head became clearer with every session. Soon I was learning self healing techniques . Fast Forward - not only have I completely changed how I feel and think, but I also have gone on to become a healer . None of this would have been possible without Joy's knowledge of the universal energies that can heal any one. I have a great level of admiration for joy and can't imagine still being in all that old energy that kept me stuck in the past .Thanks from the bottom of my heart Chakra Joy !
-Nate W. 

"So much of what Joy says during even one session resonates with me still. She calmed me down, streamlined my thoughts and my fears so I could see beyond them. Joy looks into my life without judgement. i am so grateful for her help and guidance. Joy, you are truly gifted."

- Magdelena B.