Stand Up & Change

This is an exciting and fun way to move through old emotions that you are ready to release. It is fast, fun and usually pretty funny! This also works with medical intuitive correction. You've really got to try it to understand, and then you will love it! 


What do you want to learn? Would you learn how to be a practitioner with your own unique style and tools? Perhaps you'd learn to use sacred geometry like an Atlantean. You could be a Master House Clearer! If this is not making sense to you and you know there has always been more then meets the eye, be ready to open those eyes and see the magic! Mentorship is a scheduled series of private classes designed exactly for you.   


The definition of Shaman is  "The One Who Walks Between The Worlds," but what does it mean for you? Shamanism breaks the rules society taught us around healing and growing.  Sound intriguing?  It means I can go on a Shamanic journey and get insight for you, but it's way more fun to teach you and to bring you on the journey with me! Yes, you can do it! Anyone can learn. 

Home Clearings

 Let's clear up those old stagnant energies and emotions, and close any portals. Together we can balance the people, pets, home, land and spirits. You will learn tools and it will be done to your standard!  

Business Clearings

What if we could change how much energy you spend thinking about coworkers? Let's set your space to feel great for you! Soon you'll like your job much more!

Channeling Your Guides

 Channeling your guides is a way to give you pure, positive, unfiltered advice from your source. What you hear is the genuine truth of the words that you are able to feel within your own body. While the information is coming through, it feels like you are in a meditation. 

Divine Feminine

Find your inner Goddess, your self-worth, and your happiness! You know that feeling when you know you look great? Let's make it your norm! Learn how standing in your feminine power can make you feel so much stronger. 

Dowsing & Tarot

Dowsing is an amazing way to get information you are able to see.  It is getting information from your Source, but that is just the beginning.  A pendulum is also used to direct energy in ways you can learn to feel! 

Intuition Training

Do you get what you need out of classes? Do you compare your results to the other students? If you feel like you are not progressing the way you want to, you should try this. Imagine a class tailored to you on how you receive information and apply it to your experiences. This is how you learn how YOUR intuition works! 

Medical Intuitive Correction

Find out exactly what your body is trying to tell you though pain and disease. Everything that happens in the physical realm begins in the emotional realm. Working together through metaphors and shamanic journeying, we can begin to heal your energetic blue print to a healthy one. Be in control of your own body!