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Stand up and Change is a style of healing where your body responds to energy changes through movement, emotion and sensation.  This allows you to make deep emotional changes quickly. It's an exciting and fun way to move through old emotions that you are ready to release.


What do you want to learn? Would you learn how to be a practitioner with your own unique style and tools? Perhaps you'd learn to use sacred geometry like an Atlantean? If this is not making sense to you and you know there has always been more then meets the eye, be ready to open those eyes and see the magic! Mentorship is a scheduled series of private classes designed exactly for you.   


I have studied healing techniques from the 

Mayan and Tibetan cultures mainly, but I also practice "Contemporary Shamanism" bringing the old healing arts and adapting them to our contemporary lives. Shamanism can break the rules society taught us around healing and growing.  Sound intriguing? Yes, you can do it! Anyone can learn. 


The best of the best always have a coach, from athletes to Fortune 500 CEOs.  Why do you think that is?  Rising to the top of your game can become a reality much more easily with support -whatever your game may be.  You can LOVE your job and inspire the people around you to do the same.  This is a program of clarity, skills and support that takes you from where you are to where you want to be and how you want to feel. Strong leaders are mindful, skillful, connected, decisive and exhibit confidence in humility. OWN IT.


Learn who you really are and who you are supposed to be. Learn and practice how to bring your true self to your life. We can find patterns you may never have even been aware of and will teach you how to release them. Together we will be working with imagery, memory emotions, relationships, secret talents, dreams and goals.  Allowing new goals to be set while addressing every fear and creating a working action plan. Living a life of conscious action requires deep self awareness, being clear on what matters to you and being who you are called to be.


A channelled soul journey is a way to give you pure positive information from your source. Similar to a meditation you will discover the genuine truth of the words that you are able to feel within your own body and you can be taught how to retrieve this information yourself.  If you are wanting to see the "why" behind what you are experiencing then this may be exactly what you are looking for.  This sacred tool gives you a divine perspective on your physical reality and spiritual path.


Todays society has strayed far from the Divine gender roles. Reestablishing yourself into your correct role changes how everyone behaves around you and in every relationship you have.  This is key to understanding who you really are. The roles may not be what you think. Find your inner Goddess /God, your self-worth and your happiness! You know that feeling when you know you look great? Let's make it your norm! Learn how standing in your proper power can make you feel so much stronger and more confident.


Where you spend most of your time should support you energetically. We have all had the feeling of the tension in the air after an argument.  Where do you think that energy goes?  It just sits there and we get used to it, but then it is so much easier for another argument to start because the anger is still sitting there from the last one. Clearing does wonders and then you get to program how you would like to feel. I teach you how to measure energy and how to correct it during the clearing, so you can maintain how you want your space to feel.


Do you get what you need out of classes? Do you compare your results to the other students? If you feel like you are not progressing the way you want to, you should try this. Imagine a class tailored to you on how you receive information and apply it to your experiences. This is how you learn how YOUR intuition works!  You will learn each of the ways your psychic senses have already been working and how to both enhance them and call on them when you need them


Find out exactly what your body is trying to tell you though pain and disease. Everything that happens in the physical realm begins in the emotional realm. Working together through metaphors and shamanic journeying, we can begin to heal your energetic blue print to a healthy one. Be in control of your own body!  


 You are Empathic, now let’s get you trained up so you can enjoy it.  I can make going into a crowd of people feel safe and teach you how to avoid taking on everybody else’s emotions and drama. It’s time to invest in yourself and really change how you receive your world. Being empathic isn’t easy, but with a few small adjustments your  life can change drastically for the better with the tools you can learn and can apply into your life.    


Reiki is a very specific energy used in healing work.  Each level includes an attunement.  The attunement is what allows your body to hold a much higher vibration. I am a Master Teacher of Usui Reiki, Shambhalla Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki.


Munay Ki is the Mayan Rites of Passage.  This is a very through course meeting every other week for 18 weeks.  In each class you get attuned to a different rite.  The rites include the Healer's Rite, The Seer's Rite and many more, each more powerful than the next.  You will learn the Mayan teachings of opening Sacred Space and we will use it each time we meet. This is a journey you will never forget and you will never be the same.  


Shambhala redefined Reiki for me. Not only did it ignite my Usui Reiki, but the also the addition of 352 new symbols along with a VERY high vibration class took my healing to a much higher level.  Using these same principles I teach this class as a gateway to bring your healing work and your vibration to a whole new place.  Levels 1&2 are weekend classes to be followed by 3&4 the following week.  Qualification as a  Usui Reiki master is a pre requisite to this class.


This is the first session where we look at your mind body and soul.  It's about purpose and path.  Where you are, how you got there and why you needed to.  What your options are for where you are going and creating a map and a plan to assist you in arriving there in style.  It is a blend of intuition, healing, emotion and a bunch of laughter.  It is a fascinating and fun way to learn about yourself in a whole new way.