About Us

It Began With a Hawk

A Red Tail Hawk was my first teacher in energy medicine. I was working in wildlife rehab as a volunteer for about 30-40 hours a week. I just couldn't s​tay away. When I arrived one day there was a red tail hawk laying on the counter and I did not believe him to be alive. And yet when I held him, he perked up and when I took my hands away; he was lifeless. Having no energy knowledge of the time, I tested this multiple times. He wasn't breathing when I let him go, I even try propping it up in a towel to see if it was positional. It was then I realized he was living off my energy. I carried him for five hours that day, I knew my life was changing directions as something miraculous was happening, though I had no idea what that meant at the time. Three weeks later he was released and my search of what energy was began. Four years later I went into veterinary medicine, a total of 12 years between internal medicine and surgery. I had many animal teachers. I learned how to tune in on multiple levels, making the doctors job so much easier. This was before I even knew what a medical intuitive was.  

It Fits Right In

Once we have released a bunch of the old emotions stored in your body, you are ready to start carrying a MUCH higher vibration. The higher your vibration the higher your emotions are. This means you can choose your reaction and take responsibility for your emotions rather than letting your emotions control you. You can finally start noticing the beautiful things in life again. You also may find your intuition become stronger. You can learn how to experience energy and even how to navigate to where you want to go. Life gets cleaner, like a breath of fresh air.  This is not to be confused with religion. In fact, for most people this will strengthen your belief system. We will focus on the way synchronicities can validate your experiences, and even how to develop your intuition and how it works. This is exciting and you will feel truly alive!