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To creatively choose the course of actions in your life. It's time to stop letting your life rule you and step into the designer's seat. As the "designer", you choose what you would like to experience and how you want to feel. It doesn't mean life stops but instead you have a new way to "design" it. The more you can release the old emotions and behaviors, the more you can design your life and find your creativity and secret hidden talents. Are you ready to take action and have the courage to transform yourself and your life? Are you ready to take the steps that can create the change that ripples through every area of your life? Are you ready to enhance every area of your life including all of your relationships?


What if... What if you could see the steps in your life as part of a great adventure? Life can easily become mundane, as you get stuck in your routine and another year passes. There are so many choices available to you rather than life choosing your path for you. Learning how to rise up to who you can be and making choices from that very high place is where the magic begins and what Design the Adventure is all about. The only requirement is the DESIRE to change. You are here for a very good reason and it's time to find out what that means and what it can feel like. Are you ready to shine and be more than everything you ever wanted to be?


I have helped thousands of people all around the world both personally and professionally just like you. By discovering the blocks and fears holding you back Design the Adventure can help you be free from them. You will learn practical tools that you can use to change how you feel, view life and how to use skills you never knew you had.You are meant to be prosperous in all areas and releasing what prevents you from receiving prosperity will astonish you. Ready to learn how to be who you really are? Are you ready to become the designer and have a great time doing it? Are you ready to Design the Adventure of YOUR life?  


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Empathic Skills Training

  How did you do? Any YES answers? Sound like I wrote this just for you? I did. You are Empathic, now let’s get you trained up so you can enjoy it. I am empathic and I train empathic people for a living. I can make going into a crowd of people feel safe and teach you how to avoid taking on everybody else’s emotions and drama. It’s time to invest in yourself and really change how you receive your world. Being empathic isn’t easy, but with a few small adjustments your  life can change drastically for the better with the tools you can learn and can apply into your life.   


THRIVE! is now, the time has come to let your soul come out to play

This is a weekend course that creates change in your body, your mind and your life

Tools, Attunements and Personal Mastery

Giving you the support and the techniques to make lasting changes in your world

Improve who you are in every relationship you have

It's time to THRIVE! - Coming This Fall 2017 to Boston! 

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