Design the Adventure



“My mission is to help people achieve their personal best. There are many things that keep us from reaching our goals; sometimes deciding on a goal can be just as hard. With some energetic support and removing some of the blocks of old emotions that scar us, we can actually start living and not just surviving. Each of us reaches a point in life when we realize we need to know who we are and why we are here. There isn’t one standard answer to that, in fact, we each find our own. It is time that you learned new ways to let go of the past, learn to honor our bodies so self-healing is once again restored, and open up your awareness even more and experience life. Join me from whatever point of your journey you are on. Together we will soar!” 


About Joy

Joy Costanza

I am a full-time Spiritual Healer/Teacher, Medical Intuitive, Shaman and Life Coach.  My work changes with every client as I simply follow the energy while making it as fun as possible. I am able to tune into your guides, angels, and teachers to look for the areas that are not working in you life. Working with you, I’m able to locate patterns held in the body, and what is needed to change them. I’m here to help you make changes physically, mentally, emotionally,  spiritually and financially in your life.

Set the Time

I travel to see local clients, but usually work vie phone, Skype, and Facetime. Many people opt to schedule time on a regular basis to work on cleaning up all of the relationships in their lives and also what is preventing them from setting/reaching their goals. If you are ready for change in your life, then I would love to team up with you and bring about that change. You will be amazed at what can happen in a single session, let alone on a regular basis. 

Design The Adventure


Design is to creatively choose the course of actions in your life. It's time to stop letting your life rule you and step into the designer's seat. As the "designer", you choose what you would like to experience and how you want to feel. It doesn't mean life stops, instead you have a new way to design it. The more you can release the old emotions and behaviors, the more real estate within you there is to design. This is where you find your creativity and secret hidden talents. 


What if you could see the steps in your life as part of a great adventure? Life can easily become mundane, as you get stuck in your routine and another year passes. Creating life to be the adventure turns the color back on. What can Design the Adventure do for you? You are here to shine. We will first look at the area of your life where you shine the most and set that as the new standard. Together we work on the other areas. You will learn practical tools that you can use to change how you feel, how to use your intuition and skills you never knew you had and have a great time doing it. You are meant to be prosperous in all areas, and releasing what prevents you from receiving prosperity will astonish you. Design the Adventure can be one on one sessions, but in going through the evolutionary process and having a community is very helpful. We will be offering focus groups to go through the lessons. This will also include a forum for you and your fellow designers to bond as you like. Each focus group of designers will be led through a system of clearing out the old emotion and traumas while teachings with attunements fill you up in a whole new way. You learn how to be who you really are! Are you ready to become the designer? Are you ready for the adventure of your life?